Wakeboarding at Han River (Beginner course)
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Wakeboarding at Han River (Beginner course)

From April, 01 To October, 31

For anyone who has ever stood on a snowboard or skateboard, wakeboarding is by far the coolest way to move over the water. In contrast to water skiing, wakeboarding is like surfing. You start from the jetty. And because there is no master from heaven yet, but every wakeboarder has fallen into the water, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Thanks to professional instruction, you'll be able to master the important starting phase quickly. And then nothing stands in the way of the first laps.

  • Arrival on time for meeting point
  • Briefings and equipment fitting
  • Instructions and dry runs
  • Last instructions before starting
  • Unforgettable wakeboarding Experience on the Han River
  • Beginner should take the course for beginner (if it’s the first time)
  • Beginner course includes a ground lesson and an actual practice on water (twice)
  • The beginner course is mandatory (no exception)
  • After ground lesson, fist actual practice holding a poll on the side of a ship then 30 min of break and then the second actual practice will begin
  • Around 10~15 min per actual practice
  • The whole process is included in one day package (2hours)
  • Anyone looking for a stable riding, it is strongly recommend to do the 10 times package for beginner
Misc Info
  • I can’t swim at all but can I still learn how to do Water Skiing or Wakeboarding? It is totally ok. Whether you can swim or not, everyone should wear Safety Jacket and it will help you float on the water.
  • What is the attire requirement? Swimming suit or shorts
  • Requirements Sun cream, Shampoo and simple stuff to take a shower. Pants or Lash guard, Warming suit will be provided by the service provider
  • All day open, BUT depends on the weather so should be checked the availability in advance, otherwise rescheduling of the experience is no problem

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Seoul-Seoul, Korea South
서울 강남구 압구정동 379-1
379-1, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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