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Aqua Festival 2019 (2 Days)
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Aqua Festival 2019 (2 Days)

2019-07-27 06:50:00

The biggest aqua festival is coming up soon, and we will be participating in all the fun events that come with it! Come with and shoot everybody you see with water guns, get sprayed by firefighters pointing their hoses into the air, participate in the parade going through the streets, and much more!


Saturday July 27th

Seoul: * 06:50am Express Bus Terminal Exit 8 * 07:20am Cheongmyeong station Exit 6 (Minimum of 10 person) * 07:50am Osan College train station Exit 2 (Minimum of 10 person)

Kunsan: * 09:50am Kunsan (Emart 24 outside main gate of airbase) (Please bring a packed lunch or purchase at rest stop) * 12:30pm Prepare for the city parade – For those who only for day event We are meeting at the front of Jangheung county hall * 13:00-14:00pm Water fight in the main town during the parade * 14:00-14:30pm Join the Greatest water fight at the main square * 14:40pm Bare hand fishing * 15:30pm Water Challenge courses and inflatable water slides * 16:30pm Check in at accomodations & Free time * 18:30pm Dinner( not included)-there are many famous restaurants nearby * 20:00-24:00pm Night Party

Sunday 28th

  • 08:00am Breakfast (not included)
  • 10:00am Visit the Nude forest (the only one in Korea) take a therapeutic walk and relax in the forest.
  • 12:30pm All buses depart for home
  • 15:30pm Arrive at Kunsan
  • 17:30pm Arrive at Osan college station
  • 18:00pm Cheongmyeong subway station
  • 18:40pm Express bus terminal subway station
  • Shoot at everyone with a water gun provided by us
  • Walk the streets on Jangheung during the parade and cool off from all the water flying around
  • Dance and cool off during the parade with lots of good music playing
  • See the opening ceremony where they release minnows, make an opening statement, and put on an amazing laser and fireworks show
  • Feel the spraying water from fire hoses being pointed into the air
  • Go to the main square where the Biggest Water Fight takes place
  • After the fight try out hand fishing and catch the fish as they swim all around you
  • Play tug-of-war in the water and try to get the other side to cross the line
  • Go through the water obstacles and ride the huge inflatable water slide
  • Play football while in the pool
  • Go canoeing in the river with your friends
  • Be pulled by a jet ski to go tubing in the river
  • Walk on the stepping stones going along the river
  • At night there will be a huge EDM and k-pop concert. Dance with everyone while still having epic water fights
  • Stay in tents near the festival grounds
  • Go to the after party that is going to feature some famous Korean DJs and dance the night away
  • Go to Vivi Ecotopia where you can take a ‘forest bath’ in the Nude Forest and improve your health. Phytoncides from the trees keep bugs away as a natural repellent so you can not worry about too many bugs being around and fully relax
  • Wear paper clothes to fully take in the healing effects of the forest bath. We can also go to a nice location that has a lake and a waterfall
Misc Info

What to bring:

  • Camera
  • Extra clothing
  • Sun cream
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun glasses
  • Toiletries
  • Aqua shoes
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Suitable shoes for hiking on Sunday

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Chollanam-Haenam, Korea South
전남 장흥군 장흥읍 장흥로 21
21 Jangheung-ro, Jangheung-eup, Jangheung, Jeollanam-do

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