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Hot Air Balloon Tour with Local Food Specialities
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Hot Air Balloon Tour with Local Food Specialities

2020-09-12 07:00:00
Pick up at Hongik Univ. Station (Exit 1)  ₩ 59000
  • 07:00 am - Pick up at Hongik Univ. Station (Subway Line 2, Exit 1)
Pick up at Express Bus Terminal Station (Exit 8)  ₩ 59000
  • 07:30 am - Pick up at Express Bus Terminal Station (Subway Line 3,7,9 Exit 8)
Pick up CheongMyeong Station (Exit 1)  ₩ 59000
  • 08:15 am - Pick up CheongMyeong Station (Subway Line , Exit 1)
Pick up Osan Univ. Subway Station (Exit 2)  ₩ 59000
  • 08:45 am - Pick up Osan Univ. Subway Station (Exit 2)

Your dream event of going on a hot air balloon is coming up! Float up high in the sky and see the amazing Korean landscape from a whole new perspective. Experience making Traditional Korean Liquor (rice wine) and making your own pottery! A delicious local meal will be served as well!



  • 07:00 - Hongik Univ. Subway Station (Sub line 2, Exit 1)
  • 07:30 - Depart Express Bus Terminal (Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)
  • 08:15 - Pick up CheongMyeong Subway Station (Line , exit 1)
  • 08:45 - Pick up Osan Univ. Subway Station (Exit 2)
  • 10:00 - Arrive at the site
  • 10:10 - Experience Hot Air Balloon Ride– (Included)
  • 11:30 - Lunch made from local ingredients
  • 12:20 - Let’s learn how to make Traditional Korean Liquor
  • 13:30 - Pottery making experience
  • 16:00 - Visit Icheon Cerapia (Pottery Museum)
  • 17:00 - Depart for home
  • 18:20 - Arrive Osan Univ. Subway Station
  • 18:50 - Arrive CheongMyeong Subway Station
  • 19:20 - Arrive Express bus terminal


The price of KRW 59,000 includes the following services:

  • Hot air balloon experience
  • Learn to make Makgeolli (traditional Korean alcoholic beverage), and bring home what you made (400ml bottle)
    • Experience the fermentation process to create your very own traditional sweet rice wine.
  • Ceramics Experience. Create your own unique pottery
    • Can be delivered to your personal address for a small fee of 5,000 won (within Korea)
  • Ceramic Museum entrance fee
  • English speaking tour guides
  • Round trip limousine bus *This trip is open to families including children of all ages

What to expect:

  • Experience floating in a hot air balloon tethered to the ground. Go up close to 70 meters in the sky and then come back down after seeing the amazing Korean landscape
  • This is a safe experience that allows you to witness amazing views from high up in the sky
  • Learn how the fermentation process works when making your own makgeolli, a sweet Korean rice wine. Take home what you made (400 ml)
  • Make your own unique pottery at the ceramics village in Icheon (Can be delivered to your private address in Korea only)
  • Get access to the Ceramics Museum and see all the amazing pieces they have there
  • We will continuously check the wind and weather. If it is too bad for a hot air balloon ride, we will cancel and provide full refunds.

Hot Air Ballon Ride

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