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Jinhae & Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival & Bike Tour

₩ 139,000
#### Discover the Enchantment of Cherry Blossoms in Jinhae & Gyeongju: A Mesmerizing Cherry Blossom Festival & Bike Tour Embark on a magical journey through Korea's...

Apple Festival & Autumn Temple Experience

₩ 45,000
Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Culture and Flavors of Autumn in Korea * **Date of Trip:** November 4th * **Location:** Apple Orchard in Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do * **Language:** English-speaking...

Namhae Island Expedition: Sea Kayaking, Hiking, and Cultural Adventure

₩ 350,000
Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our two-day "Namhae Island Expedition: Sea Kayaking, Hiking, and Cultural Adventure". Nestled in the southern coast of South Korea,...

Seoraksan Escape: Two-Day Trek, Surf, and Climb Adventure in Korea

₩ 320,000
Experience the unique blend of tranquility and adventure in Korea's pristine landscapes. This two-day adventure in the stunning Seoraksan National Park offers you a chance...

Canyon Exploration & Yoga Retreat: Two-Day Adventure in Pyeongchang's Nature

₩ 320,000
Embark on a refreshing 2-day getaway with our "Canyon Cruise: Hiking, Caving, Yoga, and Country Stay" package. Leave behind the city's hustle and bustle to...

Nami Island + Gangchon Rail Bike + The Garden of Morning Calm: Day Tour

₩ 95,000
Nami Island + Gangchon Rail Bike Station + The Garden of Morning Calm: Day Tour Experience three incredible main attractions around Nami Island for a full...

Bears Town Resort: Day Ski Trip

₩ 70,000
Day ski trip and winter fun at Bears Town Resort. Experience exclusive ski lessons at Bears Town Resort near Seoul. We offer an incredible winter...

Luxury City Weekend near Seoul

₩ 330,000
A world-class recreational paradise for couples and families. Get the treatment you deserve. Located in the Seoul area, Goyang has perfect access to nearby cities....

Family weekend on Geoje Island

₩ 443,000
The island of Geoje is a prestigious seaside resort with beautiful natural landscapes of the surrounding green mountains and the indigo blue ocean. The resort...

Nami Island + Petite France + Italian Village: Day Tour

₩ 59,000
Nami Island: Famous for its beautiful tree lined roads, you can enjoy the island by walking at your own pace or rent a bike and...

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