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Air Chair Water Sports at Han River

From April, 01 To October, 31

Is it more comfortable sitting down than standing up? What if you can sit down and fly high on the water? Experience Air Chair. Since it's a fairly new water sport that is not yet widely known, it will be the perfect new adventure for you.

Conditions of Participation
  • A child who weighs 40kg to an adult who weighs 120kg can enjoy the Air Chair. The rider would sit and fasten the seatbelt and place their feet into the binder on the plate.
  • Arrival on time for meeting point
  • Briefings and equipment fitting
  • Last instructions before starting
  • The chair rises even at 24km/h so a rubber boat or water motorcycle can easily carry the chair. Also, the professionals need just 38km/h, therefore, the Air Chair can be enjoyed with almost any kind of motorboats.
  • The tricks can be done with the posture and rope.
  • If the handle goes down the plates go down so that the chair goes down, in contrast if the handle goes up the chair goes up.
  • Air Chair is just like hangliding.
  • Become a top pilot on the water.
Misc Info
  • What is the attire requirement? Swimming suit or shorts
  • Requirements Sunscreen, Shampoo and simple stuff to take a shower. Pants or Lash guard, Warming suit will be provided by the service provider
  • All day open, BUT depends on the weather so should be checked the availability in advance, otherwise rescheduling of the experience is no problem


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379-1, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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