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Seoul Local Tour

From November, 29 To December, 29

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What to expect

This local tour will show you the most exciting places in Seoul. Apart from the usual guided tours to the palace and the main sights, you will experience all facets of Seoul on this day tour. From the hip Hongdae, traditional street food market, K-Pop must-see places and historical exhibitions.

Conditions of Participation

Minimum number of participants: 2



  • 10:00 am - Meet at PIZZA UP near Hongik University Station Exit 3
  • 10:10-11:30 - Seoul Battleship Park
  • 11:35-12:50 - Mangwon Market
  • 13:00-14:00 - Seoul World Cup Stadium
  • 14:30-16:00 - MBC WORLD
  • 16:00-17:00 - Noeul Park (Frog shuttle fare is included)
  • 17:20 pm - Gongdeok Station
  • 17:30 pm - Arrive at Hongik Univ. Subway station


Places you will see


Unique café, small galleries and art galleries, prop shops and fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art market, and various gourmet restaurants make Hongdae more vibrant. Hongdae is always crowded with many cultural elements such as various events, street performances, and festivals. Also, there are many unique streets including art academy street, Picasso street, club street, and pedestrian-friendly street, which make Hongdae more enjoyable place.

Seoul Battleship Park

Seoul Battleship Park is the first naval theme park made with three retired battleships including Frigate Seoul, a battleship twinned with Seoul city and retired after serving its duty of defending the marine territory over 30 years, as wells as Patrol Killer Medium and Submarine. The three battleships which preserved their original shape, provide a space for a unique exhibition and experience, and also offer special experiences through new things to see and enjoy for citizens visiting Seoul Hangang Park. The three battleships that defended the Republic of Korea will now be anchored in Hangang River and be transformed as a reassuring rest area for the citizens.

Mangwon Market

Mangwon Market is a representative traditional market where communicates with locals and sells variable fresh products at reasonable price. There are lots of food to enjoy such as tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cake), eomuk (fish cake), jokbal (pig’s feet), dak gangjeong (sweet and sour chicken), croquette, and gimbap where young people also love to visit. Recently, more foreign travelers are visiting due to convenient access and reasonable traffic, Mangwon Market is one of sensuous attractions where you can see, eat, shop, and experience Korean traditional market’s atmosphere.

Seoul World Cup Stadium

The Seoul World Cup Stadium where hosted 2002 FIFA Korea-Japan World Cup, is one of the world’s top 10 most beautiful soccer stadiums, voted by ‘World Soccer.’ Besides the soccer games, it is also used as a multi-entertainment space for shopping and performances where anyone can have a great time.


It is a broadcasting theme park focused on Korean wave contents where you can enjoy MBC dramas and entertainment programs. It is available to sing and dance with celebrities like a main character in a drama.

Noeul Park (Frog Train-Shuttle)

Noeul Park, where was a waste landfill named Nanjido until 90s, was transformed into the World Cup Park through the environment regeneration projects, and was reborn as a place where citizens can enjoy leisure including natural vegetation, sports facilities and walking trails. The observatory became an attraction where visitors can enjoy the scenery of Hangang River around Gayangdaegyo (bridge) and Yangwhadaegyo (bridge), Olympic Expressway, and campground at Nanji Hangang Park all year round. There is also an electric car called Frog Train, which makes it easy to go to the observatory.

Gongdeok Street

Surrounded by many office buildings and hotels, Gongdeok Market with jokbal (pig’s feet) alley and jeon (Korean pancake) alley, and Yonggang-dong Food Culture Street where providing various food are fun places to visit. The Gyeongui Line Forest Park, built on the site of the old Gyeongui Line, is a comfortable and relaxing place.

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Seoul-Seoul, Korea South
서울 마포구 양화로 183
183, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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