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Serene Damyang Getaway: 2D1N Tour with Bamboo Forest & Cultural Delights from Seoul

From January, 01 To December, 31

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What to expect

Escape into the tranquility of Damyang on a 2-day tour from Seoul. Wander through bamboo groves, enjoy unique beverages, and engage in fun activities at Namwon Land. Authentic experiences and cultural immersion await!

Travel Korea: Visit Damyang on a 2 Day Bamboo Forest & Cultural Delights Tour


Discover the serene beauty of Damyang in this 2-day tour, where nature's poetry comes alive amidst bamboo forests and traditional villages. From the charming streets of Muwol Village to the heights of Namwon Air Rail, experience a world away from the bustling life of Seoul.

Travel Korea: Visit Damyang on a 2 Day Bamboo Forest & Cultural Delights Tour


  • Muwol Village Magic: Stroll through picturesque stone roads and gaze at the stars from the moonlight observatory.
  • Juknokwon's Bamboo Splendor: Feel the tranquility of lush green bamboo in the forest that inspired filmmakers.
  • Culinary Journeys: Savor authentic Korean cuisine and innovative beverages like the signature Bamboo Salt Latte.
  • Namwon Land Adventures: Delight in the excitement of an amusement park set amidst nature's embrace.

Travel Korea: Visit Damyang on a 2 Day Bamboo Forest & Cultural Delights Tour


Itinerary at a Glance:

Day 1: Cultural Immersion & Nature's Calm

  • 07:50 – Assemble for the trip with newfound friends or solo, ready for adventure.
  • 12:30 – Experience traditional Korean life and lunch in Muwol Village.
  • 14:30 – Breathe in the peace of Juknokwon Bamboo Forest.
  • 16:30 – Refresh at Bamburi Café with their renowned Bamboo Salt Latte.
  • 20:00 – Retreat to the comfort of Namwon Kensington Resort.

Day 2: Thrills & Farewell

  • 09:30 – A breakfast that energizes for the day ahead.
  • 10:00 – Discover the joys of Namwon Land with a unique air rail ride.
  • 13:20 – Return to Seoul Station, carrying memories and tranquility home.



  • Cozy transportation from and to Seoul
  • Bilingual guided tour (한국어/English)
  • Quality meals to fuel your journey
  • Admission to attractions and activities
  • Stay at Namwon Kensington Resort
  • Protection with travel accident insurance


  • Personal spending
  • Items not listed in the itinerary

Misc Info

Booking with Ease:

  • Confirmation within 1 working day
  • Easy cancellation up to 15 days prior
  • Simply show your e-voucher on arrival

Essential Information:

  • Open for international guests only
  • Group tour for 20 participants possible; notice given 3 days ahead
  • Please be prompt, arriving 10 minutes before the start
  • Schedules and locations may adapt to group needs and conditions
  • Additional costs possible depending on reservation timing

Location for Departure:

Meeting Point: Seoul Station, ready for your Damyang exploration.

Embark on a journey where the whispers of the bamboo and the heritage of Korea speak to your soul. Reserve your spot now for a Damyang tour that offers a slice of tranquility and a dash of adventure.


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Seoul-Seoul, Korea South
서울 중구 세종대로18길 2
2, Sejong-daero 18-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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